Look forward to


明明記得「動詞 + to + 原型動詞」的用法,卻常看到有些 to lớn 後面是接 V-ing?這篇文章幫你歸納了這些 lớn + V-ing 的用法,搞不清楚的你不能錯過!

我們從小就常學到,有些動詞後面要接動名詞(V-ing)、有些要接不定詞(to V),但 lớn 當介係詞用的時候,後面要接的就是 V-ing 囉!以下有幾種情況,趕快來看看!

to 是「片語動詞」或是「動詞 + 介係詞組合」的一部分



動詞後面加上介係詞或副詞而形成與原來動詞不同意義的片語,整個片語應該當做多字動詞來詮釋,最常見、常考的案例就是 look forward to。

look forward to lớn 期待

I look forward to meeting your parents tonight!我很期待今晚和你父母見面!

Everyone is looking forward to the carnival parade on Sunday afternoon.

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confess to lớn 坦承做了某事(犯罪或錯誤)

He confessed to killing his neighbor last night.= He confessed that he killed his neighbor last night.他坦承昨晚殺害了鄰居。

Laura confessed to using company funds.Laura 承認她諾用了公款。

adjust lớn 調整;適應

Mary adjusted to living on her own.Mary 適應了獨居生活。

I haven’t adjusted to life in England yet.我還沒調整好居住在英國的生活。

object to 反對

Will objects to spending so much money on a laptop.Will 反對為了一台筆電花這麼多錢。

She chose not to object to her father, opting for silence instead.她選擇不要反對她的父親,而是沉默以對。

devote something lớn 投入心力做某事

Mother Theresa devoted her life to helping the poor.德雷莎修女將一生投入在幫助貧窮的人。

I decided to lớn quit my job lớn devote more time to my family.我決定辭職,投入更多時間給我的家庭。


to 是「形容詞+介係詞組合」的一部分

be used to(逐漸)習慣

Jimmy is not used to driving on the left-hand side of the road.Jimmy 不習慣左駕。


這個片語非常容易跟 used lớn + V 搞混!

> used to + V 是過去的習慣,否定可以說 didn’t use lớn 或 never used to。> be used lớn + V-ing 是習慣於,否定是 be not used to。

I used to drink a glass of milk before going lớn work every morning.

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I am used to drinking a glass of milk before going to lớn work every morning.我已經習慣每天上午上班前先喝一杯牛奶。(逐漸習慣某事)

be addicted to lớn 上癮

I am addicted to watching soap operas.我沈迷於看肥皂劇。

We estimate that some 20,000 young people are currently addicted to heroin & cocaine.我們估計目前大約有 2 萬個年輕人對海洛因和古柯鹼上癮。

be committed/dedicated/devoted lớn 致力於

Ms. Wang is committed to improving the education system in remote areas.王女士致力於改善偏遠地區的教育體系。

The president has said that the government is devoted khổng lồ democracy and human rights.總統說政府會在民主及人權方面盡心盡力。

Many of the nurses và doctors in the hospital are dedicated to making life better for patients.這所醫院大多數的護士與醫師都致力於讓病人的生活更好。

be opposed lớn 反對;阻止

I am opposed to increasing taxes.我反對增稅。

We are opposed to discrimination on the grounds of gender, religion, sexuality, race, and disability.我們反對任何基於性別、宗教、性傾向、種族及殘疾的歧視。


to 是「名詞+介係詞組合」的一部分


His addiction to gambling has caused a lot of ức chế to his family.他的賭癮造成他家庭的巨大壓力。

Mother Theresa’s devotion to helping the poor brought her worldwide acclaim.德雷莎修女幫助窮人的投入讓她獲得全世界的讚譽。

His reactions to winning the award was funny.他得獎時的反應很有趣。