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Trong giờ Anh siêng ngành Sales and sale thì thư chào hàng là lời kiến nghị ký kết hợp đồng bắt nguồn từ phía fan bán. Khác với hỏi hàng chỉ cần đề nghị tùy chỉnh cấu hình quan hệ thiết lập bán. Dưới đây là mẫu mã thư kính chào hàng và những mẫu câu trong thư chào hàng bởi tiếng Anh. Mời chúng ta tham khảo. ❤️

Mẫu thư xin chào hàng số 1 ?

Dear sirs,

Re: Rush mats

We would lượt thích to thank you for your letter of 25 June and we were pleased to learn that you liked our rush mats. We are happy to lớn offer you the goods on the following terms và conditions, subject to our final acceptance upon receipt of your order.

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Commodity: fancy rush mats

Quantity: 5000 pieces

Specification: as per enclosed specifications

Price: GBP 1 per unit CIF Hamburg including packing

Packing: 20 pieces in one bale wrapped in strong rush-matting & steel hooped.

Delivery: in one lot in mid August

Payment: in Pound sterling of Great Britain by an irrevocable letter of credit to lớn be opened through London Commercial Bank, 15 days prior lớn the shipment khổng lồ the tài khoản of the ngân hàng for Foreign Trade of Vietnam in our favour.

We look forward to your early order và assure you that any of yours orders will have our best attention.

Yours faithfully,

Vu Nga

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Mẫu thư chào hàng số 2

Dear sirs,

Thank you for your enquiry of 4 December for our rattan ware.

We would like to inform you that the items you requested namely shopping baskets & fruit plates are out of stock. However, we are able to offer you similar products made of carefully selected bamboos. As you will see from the enclosed photo of the samples, the items marked VH3320 & VH3312 are much more attractive in thiết kế than usual existing ones.

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Our products are available in various standard sizes with different designs and we are in position khổng lồ deliver the goods in different sizes, designs và colors with three months from receipt of the order on request.

Our bamboo products are more và more beautiful and attractive thanks to the technical process which make them durable và artistic. We therefore, believe that the offered goods will be favorably received by British customers và sell well there.

We assure you that any of your orders will have our great attention.

Yours faithfully,

Vu Nga

Mẫu câu trong thư kính chào hàng

We acknowledged with thanks for your enquiry of 1 December for our Laocai apatite (Hoang Thach cement, kitchen ware, rattan chairs, range of woolen carpets,...)With reference of your enquiry date 20 October boxed peanuts và pineapples. We are pleased lớn offer you these three items on most favorable terms and conditions.It is our pleasure khổng lồ receive your letter dated 14 December asking for supply of anise và pine oil, & as requested, we have sent you the samples by post.
giờ Anh chuyên ngành Sales và Marketing: tiếng Anh thư tín - phương pháp viết thư xin chào hàng
We thank you for your enquiry of October for vase line và are please khổng lồ offer firm, subject to lớn acceptance within 10 days for 1000 tons at the price of,... Per ton CIF...We would like to buy ten pumps type X30 và ten pumps type X-25. Could you let us know if you allow a 5% discount for order of this quantity?We regret to inform you that we cannot allow discount on such a small order. If you increase your volume up lớn 30 units, we are prepared to give you a 2.5% discount.Delivery is khổng lồ be made as soon as possible but no later than 1 December.We shall try our best to lớn deliver the goods by the middle of November or at the latest by the kết thúc of that month.With regard lớn the terms of payment, payment is to be made by irrevocable letter of credit.The letter of credit shall be opened through the ngân hàng for Foreign Trade of Vietnam 15 days prior to lớn the shipment to the trương mục of Northern Europe Commercial ngân hàng in your favour.We would appreciate if you could dispatch half the quantity we ordered & the rest will be sent in 2 weeks' time.We regret to inform you that our inability lớn give you an immediate order/shipment of hand bag at present.We will allow you a discount of 5% on orders of quantities of 150000 pieces or more.We shall be glad to lớn serve/ lớn be of service you & hope to lớn receive your further orders.

Sau khi xem hoàn thành 2 mẫu mã thư kính chào hàng này hy vọng bạn đã có mẫu thư xin chào hàng mang lại riêng mình cùng chúc bạn có được những đúng theo đồng đem lại cho doanh nghiệp giá trị cao.

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