Fed up with definition & meaning

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‘I am fed up hearing cars hurtling past on that road và nothing being done about it.’‘At that time Jon and I were getting fed up spending all our time in a small flat in London.’‘Anyway, in the end I got fed up waiting for the mystery singer khổng lồ finish his shower.’‘He was fed up with having to lớn worry about whether or not his actions or words were going lớn get him severely hurt.’‘We are fed up and frustrated by the failure of politicians to lớn address our concerns.’‘We returned to the upstairs bar where there was about 50 fans fed up và having the same trouble as us.’‘Maybe I"ll get fed up of this one and decide to lớn install another & customise that before I try my own.’‘Are you fed up with bringing bananas lớn work or school only to find them bruised và squashed?’‘We are fed up of the broken promises, fed up of being used as pawns & fed up with being bottom of the pile.’‘Leane Holland got so fed up with criminals dumping cars in woods near her trang chủ that she decided to take action.’‘I speak khổng lồ many people every week who are just as fed up with the law-breakers as police officers are.’‘I am sure I speak for many residents when I say I, for one, am fed up seeing this sort of thing.’‘Swindon patients fed up with long waits could soon be entitled khổng lồ treatment in foreign countries.’‘People are fed up with rubbish-strewn streets & want to lớn see them swept clean.’‘Some of my friends think it"s a good idea, but others say I"m being stupid and will be just as fed up there.’‘I was one of the 20,000 who voted for you, and am as fed up as I am sure you will be.’‘It"s not much longer before I get fed up, decide lớn toss all good manners out of the window and have some fun.’‘Unfortunately, other than restart the game there is little you can vày about this and in the over I got fed up.’‘Have I got fed up with the latest violence done in the name of fundamentalism?’